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Notebook Pen Holders

Using Standard A6, A5 or B5 Notebooks? Keep Your Pens At The Ready!

We’ll cut to the chase, you’ve got pens you cherish and notebooks to keep yourself organized, so why not keep the two together at all times and ready to use at a moments notice? With a Quiver pen holder, you can do just that. Made from full grain cow leather (from cows who lived full and happy lives), whether you’re using an A6 pocket notebook, a large A5 notebook or a planner sized B5 notebook, we’ve got your six! Military puns aside, we’ve designed Quivers to be a notebook users best friend, rivaling the partnership even that our two great nations have with each other, but with pens to notebooks. Utilizing an elastic banding, Quivers simply slide over your notebooks front cover, rear cover or spine, holding your pens right to your notebook, meaning no more searching your pockets, jackets or rucksacks.

Thanks to Quivers unique design, you’ll never have to buy another pen holder for your notebook again, being able to reuse your Quiver notebook after notebook as no adhesives are needed!

For pocket A6 notebooks 13.71 – 15.24 centimeters tall.


For large A5 notebooks 20.3 – 21.6 centimeters tall.


For extra large B5 notebooks 23.5 – 26.7 centimeters tall.

$20.95 $16.76

A Notebook Pen Holder Worthy Of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces

When we set out to create the world’s best selling pen holder, quality was a major factor for us. As avid notebook users ourselves, we knew others like us would want a product that lasts and one that was reusable.

We ultimately chose full grain cow leather as it’s been proven for centuries to be as resilient as time itself, allowing us to boast Quivers lasting well over 5 years of rigorous use. Further reinforced by marine grade threading, we still have customers using their original Quiver from almost 10 years ago to the day.

It was actually brought to our attention by a customer of ours in the service that we should try to market Quiver as a British Armed Forces notebook pen holder as Moleskine notebooks are prevalent in use among its members.

Double Pen Holder 

Our Two Pen Quiver easily slides over your Moleskines front or back cover for a snug fit and can be positioned wherever most comfortable, holding up to 3 thin body pens, 2 standard body pens or 1 wide body pen. The Two Pen Quiver is available in three sizes – our Pocket Two Pen Holder For Notebooks Quiver, our Large Two Pen Holder For Notebooks Quiver and our Extra Large Two Pen Holder For Notebooks Quiver. 

You can find our sizing guide here, but as a quick overview, pocket Quivers are for pocket or small notebooks between 13.71 – 15.24 centimeters tall, large Quivers are for large notebooks between 20.3 – 21.6 centimeters tall, and extra large Quivers are for extra large notebooks between 23.5 – 26.7 centimeters tall.

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