Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to common questions about Quiver Pen & & Stylus Holders.

What size Quiver do I need? (Notebooks)

Quivers come in 3 sizes: pocket, large and extra large, each of which are sized to match your notebooks size, which if standard, are usually pocket, large and extra large. Pocket for pocket, large for large, extra large for extra large. See our full sizing guide here!

What brands do Quivers fit?

Quivers fit a wide range of brands with standard notebook sizes A6, A5 and B5 from Moleskine, Rhodia, Leuchtturm1917, Code & Quill, Ink + Volt, Best Self Co., Michael Hyatt, Amazon Basics and dozens more. If your notebook or tablet is within our size dimensions listed on each product page, that Quiver product probably fits it.

How do Quivers hold onto my notebook or tablet?

Quivers use elastic banding to hold itself firmly to your notebooks spine or front or back cover as well as your tablet cases cover. No adhesives are needed meaning you can use your Quiver on notebook after notebook or tablet for years!

What's your product warranty for Quivers?

We fully back our product. In almost 10 years of operating, we’ve not had a single Quiver returned due to manufacturer defects, however should any issue occur, please contact us and we’ll make things right with either a refund or exchange.

What size Quiver do I need? (Tablets)

Quivers are also compatible with tablet cases as stylus holders. For the iPad Mini and similarly sized tablets, you’ll need a large Double Quiver. For iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad 10.5 cases and similarly sized tablets, you’ll need a Quiver Pro 9.7. For large iPad, iPad Air and similarly sized tablets, you’ll need a extra large Quiver and for iPad Pro 12.9 and similar sized tablets, you’ll need the Quiver Pro 12.9.

Are you compatible with softcover notebooks?

Yes, but you’ll need our softcover adapter to use a Quiver with your softcover to give your notebook enough rigidity to support the elastic banding that holds your Quiver to your notebook. Even then, we recommend stretching the elastic if the Quiver remains too tight for your softcover notebooks size.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Of course! We offer USPS International and FedEx shipping options. Any additional fees your country’s customs charges will need to be paid upon package pickup wherever applicable.

My Quiver has wear marks, what gives?

Quivers are made of 100% American cow leather and like any leather product, it will wear with use. Your Quiver will continue to do this over time as it stretches and gets scratches and nicked by whatever’s around. You can always take your fingers and smooth these out, but we believe these marks just accentuate the journey you, your pen, your notebook and your Quiver have gone through!

Do I need to treat my Quiver since it's leather?

No. Treating your Quiver with any product may degrade the integrity of the threading and possibly damaging the leather itself. Instead we recommend you take a slightly damp soft cloth and gently wipe your Quiver down.

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