Boho Homes Chamois Absorbent Coaster Set


Included: 4 Coasters
Material: Wood, Tan Sheepskin Chamois
Features: Moisture absorbent real sheepskin chamois, anti-slip surface grips, wood finish
Cleaning: Rinse thoroughly with warm, soapy water should spills occur with colored liquid or sugary drinks, pat dry



Boho Homes chamois absorbent coaster set is guaranteed to keep condensation right where it should be, on the coaster and not on your surfaces or clothes. Made from real sheepskin and wood, these elegant coasters not only absorb condensation off your glasses and drinks thanks to being real sheepskin, but also quickly evaporate captured liquid thanks to the unique properties of the sheepskin material.

Coasters are a great home and bar accessory and while they’ve always protected the surface directly under them from being damaged by condensation, the vast majority of coasters don’t actually effectively absorb or evaporate the condensation they gather from reaching the surface under them. As a result, the building condensation usually ends up dripping onto the surface or the user anyways once the drink is picked up, which makes most of these coasters useless if you ask us. With Boho Homes chamois absorbent coaster set however, drips are a thing of the past!

Each set includes 4 absorbent coasters perfect for casual use or event hosting.


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