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Quiver Pro 9.7 iPad Pro Stylus Holder & Apple Pencil Holder


  • Materials: Full grain American cow leather & marine-grade threading
  • Fits Case Dimensions: 9.9 – 10.3 inches tall (25.1 – 25.9 centimeters)
  • Color Options: Black Leather/Silver Thread
  • Fits: iPad Pro 9.7 cases & iPad 10.5 cases
  • Stylus/Pen Capacity: One(1) Wide Body Pen, Two(2) Stylus Or Pens
  • Lifespan: 5+ years

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Meet The Best Selling iPad Pro Stylus Holder & Apple Pencil Holder

The Quiver Pro 9.7 aims to solve one of the most common problems an iPad Pro 9.7 user runs in to, not having an easy way to keep your Apple Pencil or stylus with your iPad Pro 9.7 case. Quiver Pro 9.7’s slide easily onto almost any standard iPad Pro 9.7 case of of these dimensions 9.9 – 10.3 inches tall (25.1 – 25.9 centimeters) and can carry up to two pens, stylus or Apple Pencils. Each Quiver Pro 9.7 also features a small accessory pocket for iPad Pro accessories like the Apple Pencil stylus nibs, caps and charging adapters.

For anyone using an iPad Pro 12.9, we also carry the Quiver Pro 12.9 for iPad Pro 12.9 cases, which can accommodate up to one stylus, pens or Apple Pencil’s.

Designed For iPad Pro 9.7 Cases, Apple Pencil Accessories & iPad Pro Accessories

The Quiver Pro 9.7 are hand made from 100% American cow leather, giving you a tight hold on your iPad Pro 12.9 case and your Apple Pencil or stylus.

Compatible With iPad Pro 9.7 Smartcases, Smartcovers & Keyboards

Quiver Pro 9.7’s are designed to slide over the front cover of standard iPad Pro 9.7 cases, but for those with iPad Pro 9.7 smartcases, smartcovers or keyboards that interfere with the standard Quiver Pro implementation, simply remove your iPad Pro 9.7 from your case and slide your Quiver Pro 9.7 onto the back cover “behind” your iPad Pro 9.7, then simply put your iPad Pro 9.7 back in its case and you’re set to use your new Quiver Pro 9.7! You can also find our installation video end of the Quiver Pro 9.7 product gallery or click here to view the video.

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The team at Quiver recently decided that we will begin donating a portion of your order proceeds to a different organization every few months that is dedicated to improving our planet. Currently we have chosen 4Ocean, an organization dedicated to cleaning up trash in our oceans all over the world. Find out more about 4Ocean and why we chose them here.

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***Apple Pencil and cases in product photos are used for demonstration purposes only and are not included with purchase***

***Quiver Pro 9.7 is patent pending***

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