Quiver Double Stylus Holder For Extra Large Tablets

$20.95 $16.76

  • Materials: Cow leather & marine-grade threading
  • Fits Notebook Dimensions: 9.25 inches – 10.5 inches tall (23.5 centimeters – 26.7 centimeters)
  • Color Options: Brown, Black, Black/Red
  • Pen Capacity: 3 thin body pen/stylus, 2 standard pen/stylus or 1 wide body pen/stylus
  • Lifespan: 5+ years
  • Fits: Standard extra large tablet cases, see dimensions above


Never Lose Your Stylus Again

The XL Double Stylus Holder For Tablets Quiver solves a tablets users most annoying problem, not having a pen or stylus available when you need it most. Double Stylus Quivers slide easily onto almost any standard extra large tablet case between 9.25 inches – 10.5 inches tall (23.5 centimeters – 26.7 centimeters), front or back and can hold a single large bodied stylus, two standard stylus/pens or even three thin bodied stylus/pens.

iPad 9.7, iPad Pro 9.7 And 12.9 Users Look Here

If you’re looking for an iPad Pro Apple Pencil holder or stylus holder for your iPad Pro case, the XL Double Stylus Holder Quiver is not compatible. Instead, check out our Quiver Pro 9.7 stylus and Apple Pencil holder for iPad 9.7 and iPad Pro 9.7 cases or our Quiver Pro 12.9 Apple Pencil and stylus holder for iPad Pro 12.9 cases. We’ve designed them from the ground up for iPad Pro cases, including an accessory pocket for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil accessories.

Functionality Meets Style

Quiver Pen & Stylus Holders are hand made from 100% American cow leather, resulting in a naturally tight hold notebook and tablet case covers. With 3 different colors to choose from, you’re certain to find a Quiver suited to your style with ease.

Reusable With No Adhesives Required

Quivers grip your notebook and tablet case covers using an elastic band, meaning no magnets or glue adhesives are needed. One Quiver can last you tablet after tablet, hundreds of notebooks and many years of use, not to mention save you the time and cost of replacing a lost pen or stylus.

Sizing Guide

If you’re unsure of exactly which Quiver size you need to purchase, take a look at our sizing guide here!

Returns and Exchanges

We accept returns for nearly any reason as long as the item is still in like new condition (item packaging does not have to be in like new condition for a return). Please contact us via email and we will be happy to start your return process!

For exchanges, if the item is still in like new condition, we will accept the exchange given we have the desired exchange item in stock. If the desired item is not in stock, we can offer a return refund or store credit for when the desired item is in stock. If you have any questions about your exchange status, please contact us via email and we’ll be happy to help.

***Pens and notebooks in product photos are used for demonstration purposes only and are not included with purchase***

Additional information


Brown, Black, Black with Red Stitching


Q: What brands do Quivers fit?
A: Quivers fits almost any tablet brand within our listed dimensions, listed in the question below and above in the product details.

Q: What notebook sizes do Quivers fit?
A: Quivers fit almost any case from any brand that is between 9.25 inches – 10.5 inches tall (23.5 centimeters – 26.7 centimeters) tall. Your Quiver may fit a little tight at first, but the elastic should stretch to fit. In the event your Quiver does not fit your case, this may be due to a case design that is larger than usual, rendering your Quiver incompatible. We suggest perhaps keeping the Quiver for use on a notebook planner, use a different case if you have one, or simply return it to us hassle free for a full refund on your Quiver. Contact us here for our return address.

Q: Will this fit the iPad Pro 9.7 or 12.9?
A: No. Instead, check out our Quiver Pro 9.7 for iPad Pro 9.7’s and iPad 10.5 cases and the Quiver Pro 12.9 for iPad Pro 12.9 cases.

Q: What size stylus/pen diameter will your Quiver accept?
A: Between 0.49″ or 12.45mm. Our two-pen Quivers are designed to accept two pens of the same size dimensions. The same goes for any stylus holder used in our double pen Quivers on tablet cases.

Q: Is all the assembly and stitching done by hand?
A: Yes, each Quiver is individually hand-crafted to our exact standards using 100% American Nappa, full grain leather hides by highly skilled leather craftsmen in Old Mexico.

Q: Are you shipping outside the U.S.?
A: Yes, we are delighted to say that Quivers are being enjoyed by fans in over 50 countries on 6 continents. We ship via first class to all countries outside the U.S. Your local country’s postal service/authority will deliver your Quiver package to your home or office. The shopping cart page will give you country specific shipping pricing. Please note that delivery can take between 3-6 weeks based on local customs and delivery.

Here’s a link to the U.S. Postal Service website, which provides daily updates on local issues that could delay your domestic U.S. shipment: USPS_service_status

Q: What is included in ‘shipping & handling’?
A: We make every effort to minimize our shipping and handling costs. We only charge whatever the shipping rates are as quoted by the USPS for domestic shipping and FedEx for international orders. Similarly with our handling costs, we only charge our direct labor costs to pick and pack your Quiver(s) and the packaging costs such as the padded envelop and the mailing label. Our shipping and handling costs are NOT a profit center for us.

Q: Will a Quiver interfere with my use of my tablet?
A: Quivers have been designed to fold mostly flat and out of the way. As the leather ages with use, it will become even more pliable.

Q: Why a leather product?   
A: Actually, the very first prototypes were not made of leather.  We were drawn to leather because it is a natural material that is versatile, durable, and gains character with age. Our leather pen holders will withstand years of use over multiple notebooks.

Q: I’ve heard that some chemicals used in the leather tanning process can damage metal pen clips. Is that true?
A: In some circumstances that’s accurate but very rare. The ‘chrome’ tanning process Quiver uses is a widely accepted industry standard. Unfinished raw metals can sometimes interact with the processed leather. If you’re concerned about your particular pen please contact your pen’s manufacturer and inquire about the type of metal they use for their pen clips.

The tanning process our manufacturer uses is certified as ‘free from heavy metals and carcinogenic materials’, and endorsed by the BLC Leather Technology Centre Ltd. of London, U.K.

Q: Should I treat the leather with any kind of leather cleaner or conditioner?
A: Leather is a natural product that ages gracefully with age. We suggest that you do NOT clean or condition your Quiver as it may negatively affect the elastic components. Please understand that any treatment that you apply will change the appearance and may affect the longevity of your product.

Q: Is my contact email and address kept confidential by Quiver?
A: Quiver Global, LLC only uses our customer contact information for our own customer communications such as order confirmation, product satisfaction follow-up and marketing purposes. We never sell nor provide our customer contact information to any outside firm.

Q: What’s the warranty?
A: We love making Quivers as much as you will enjoy owning them. We have selected a very high grade of Napa leather and marine grade tread while keeping the price reasonable. If you’re not satisfied with your Quiver pen holder for any reason, send it back to us and we will make it right.

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