Quiver Sizing Guide

What Size Do You Need?
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Pocket, Large or Extra Large?

Quivers are available in 3 main sizes: pocket, large and extra large, each suited to a specific size of notebook or tablet.

Step One: Measure Your Notebook or Tablet

From top to bottom, measure your notebook or tablet cover as accurately as possible. Quivers use an elastic banding to stretch and secure themselves to your notebook or tablet, but they only stretch so far. Purchasing the right size ensures compatibility right off the bat!

Step Two: Refer To The Chart Below

Take your notebook or tablet measurement and compare it to the chart below to find out which Quiver size you need for your notebook or tablet!

Step Three: Complete Your Checkout

The chart below links to each Quiver product page for the size you need. Double check your measurement is within the listed size dimensions when you get there. Choose your color and your’re set to purchase! If you have any questions along the way, email us or contact us via Facebook Messenger.

Got Your Measurements Ready?

For Notebooks Between 5.4-6 in Tall (13.7-15.2 cm)

For Notebooks And Tablets Between 8-8.5 in Tall (20.3-21.6 cm)

For Notebooks And Tablets Between 9.25-10.5 in Tall (23.5-26.7 cm)

The perfect accessory for pocket notebooks, also known as A6 notebooks. Usually no more than 6 inches, pocket notebooks are small enough to fit in your back pocket as the name implies.

Click Here for Single Pen Pocket Quivers.

Click Here for Double Pen Pocket Quivers.

Our most popular size, the large Quiver fits most standard size notebooks on the market, also known as the A5 size, as well as tablet cases for the iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy and similarly sized tablet cases. Note Single Pen Quivers are NOT compatible with tablet cases.

Click Here for Single Pen Large Quivers.

Click Here for Double Pen Large Quivers.

The number one pick for anyone with an extra large notebook, also known as the B5 size, as well as tablet cases for the iPad, iPad Air and similarly sized tablets cases.

Click Here for Double Pen Extra Large Quivers.

Looking for an iPad Pro 9.7, 10.5 or 12.9? Click Here.

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