Quiver Moleskine Pen Holders

The Reason Moleskine Came Out With Their Own Moleskine Pen Holder

If you’ve read our story, you probably learned that when we started Quiver Pen & Stylus Holders almost, 10 years ago now, there wasn’t much in the way of pen holders for notebooks on the market, let alone Moleskine pen holders, which played a huge role in our decision to start making Quivers. We actually based our original design off Moleskine notebook dimensions as they are still the number #1 selling notebook in the world though we have since made a few adjustments to better accommodate more notebook brands like Leuchtturm1917, Ink+Volt, Rhodia and others.

It was some years after Quiver started making waves that Moleskine came out with their own “Moleskine pen holder” which is basically a pen with a clip on it and for $14 no less. Nonetheless we’ve been cranking out order after order and owe it all to our fans who we can’t thank enough for supporting us in our nearly 10 years of business, all without a single return due to wear and tear!

Designing Our Moleskine Pen Holder

It was very important to us that when we were in the design process for the Quiver, that we made sure it could be used by as many Moleskine notebook styles as possible. 

We ultimately chose to use an elastic band as our preferred method of holding a Quiver to your notebooks front cover, back cover or spine as it allowed for the best stretch possible to fit notebooks that varied from standard sizes, generally ranging between 8 inches to 8.5 inches.

We also decided to go the elastic binding route as it meant our Quiver could be used indefinitely on notebook after notebook rather than being a one time use pen holder that we saw from most adhesive based pen holders that are still on the market. Adhesive based pen holders can get pricey purchasing over time and aren’t always reliable given they’re a stick on pen loop which can be pulled off or lose its grip over time whereas the Quiver is much more snug and can’t be pulled off as easily ensuring your pens are always safe.

A Style, Size and Color For Everyone

Quivers come in two different styles, three different sizes dependent on the style, and are available in brown leather, black leather, black leather with red stitching, black leather with orange stitching, black leather with green stitching, vegan friendly ballistic nylon (think backpack material)with red stitching and ballistic nylon with yellow stitching. Colors not available in all styles or sizes.

Single Pen Holder

The One Pen Quiver slides over both the front and rear cover of your notebook, wrapping around the spine where it can carry a single pen of your choice thin, standard or wide bodied pen and is meant to hold a pen with a clip. We do not recommend using the one pen style with pens that do not use clips as the one pen style does not have a closed bottom to catch your pen should it slide through.

The One Pen Quiver is available in two sizes – our Pocket One Pen Holder For Notebooks Quiver and our Large One Pen Holder For Notebooks Quiver. You can find our sizing guide here, but as a quick overview, pocket Quivers are for pocket or small notebooks between 6.5 – 6 inches tall and large Quivers are for medium or large notebooks between 8 – 8.5 inches tall.

Double Pen Holder 

Our Two Pen Quiver easily slides over your Moleskines front or back cover for a snug fit and can be positioned wherever most comfortable, holding up to 3 thin body pens, 2 standard body pens or 1 wide body pen. The Two Pen Quiver is available in three sizes – our Pocket Two Pen Holder For Notebooks Quiver, our Large Two Pen Holder For Notebooks Quiver and our Extra Large Two Pen Holder For Notebooks Quiver. 

You can find our sizing guide here, but as a quick overview, pocket Quivers are for pocket or small notebooks between 6.5 – 6 inches tall, large Quivers are for medium or large notebooks between 8 – 8.5 inches tall, and extra large Quivers are for extra large notebooks between 9.25 – 10.5 inches tall.

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