Our Origin Story

The Origin Of Quiver

As avid Moleskine notebook users for years, we were continually frustrated with losing our favorite pens and not having them on us when we needed to take a note in our notebooks. Carrying pens in our pockets wasn’t the greatest solution, nor was clipping our pens to the notebook in hopes they’d stay on, so we decided to try our hand at coming up with our own, unique solution.

The idea of producing an elegant, reusable way to attach a pen to a notebook meant we had to learn a lot more than we ever anticipated about our favorite notebooks brands and both the stationery and leather crafting industry as a whole.

We knew we wanted to use leather. We also knew we wanted to make sure we used the best leather available, which is why we ended up choosing to use full grain, American cow leather, stitched together with marine-grade threading for maximum longevity. Because of this, Quivers have a minimum lifetime of 5 years, though we have customers using our original design still to this day almost 10 years later!

When Apple and Samsung started producing their tablets and third parties their tablet cases for them, we quickly jumped aboard with Quiver as a stylus holder for tablets like the iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro and Samsung tablet cases. 

It’s our firm belief, thanks to the tens of thousands of happy customers of Quiver, that once you’ve had the time to use your Quiver on your favorite notebook or tablet case, you’ll never want for an alternative pen holder or stylus holder solution ever again.