Notebook Pen Holders

Meet The Worlds Best Selling Notebook Pen Holders

Designed by notebook users for notebook users, the Quiver aims to ease the ever present challenge of having a pen handy to write in your notebook the moment you need it. No more digging through messenger bags, pockets or purses. Simply slide your Quiver over the spine or front or back cover of your current notebook using its elastic banding, firmly securing itself to your notebook, readying your pens for you whenever you need them.

Fitting dozens of the most popular standard notebook brands, Quivers are available for pocket, large and extra large sizes, also known as  A6, A5 and B6 respectively.

Double Pen And Single Pen Notebook Pen Holders

Quiver notebook pen holders are available in two different styles.

The double pen Quiver secures itself to front or back cover of your notebook and is capable of holding 2-3 pens depending on their size.

The single pen Quiver secures itself to the spine of your notebook and holds one pen. (Not available for extra large notebooks).

The Perfect Notebook Accessory

Quivers are handmade from the finest leathersmiths in the industry using only full grain American cow leather from cows that lived long, happy lives at pasture.

Stitched together with marine-grade threading, Quivers are guaranteed to last a minimum of 5 years, a claim we happily back up with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects by either refunding or exchanging any “worn out” Quiver for a new one, something we’ve not yet had to do in almost 10 years of manufacturing!