Pen Holders

Whether you’re an avid Moleskine notebook user, a Leuchtturm1917 journal fan, a Rhodia diary loyalist or any other standard notebook user, there’s a Quiver notebook pen holder for you!

How they work: Featuring an elastic band, simply slip your Quiver over the front cover, back cover, or onto the spine of your hardcover notebook, slide your pen(s) in the pouch and you’re set.

Why you might want one: Keeping pens handy can be a pain, but not when they’re attached right to your notebook, which also makes them harder to lose or be left behind!

Let’s Find The Right Size Quiver For You

Measure the height of your notebook, top to bottom, then click or tap on the notebook size dimensions button that your notebook fits within.

What Makes A Quiver Pen Holder?

Materials. Craftsmanship. Style. Fit.

  1. Materials

Quiver Pen Holders are handmade from the highest quality American cow* leather available known as ‘full-grain leather’ and the highest quality stitching available known as ‘marine-grade stitching’ to ensure you receive years of use from your Quiver. Seriously. We’ve had customers contact us after nearly 10 years claiming their original Quiver is still in use by them!

*All cow leather was acquired from cows who lived long and happy lives, treated in the most humane way possible.

  1. Craftsmanship

All Quivers are handmade by fine leather craftsmen in Old Mexico. Each Quiver has a 100% lifetime guarantee against craftmanship defects. If you have a problem 10 years from now, we’ll replace it at no extra cost!

  1. Style

Quivers are available in 2 styles: single pen holder, fitting on the spine carrying one pen, and double pen holder, slipping over the front or rear cover holding up to three pens. Each style was designed to have as little impact on your notebook and journaling experience while improving the overall look of your notebook or journal.

  1. Fit

All Quivers make use of a tight elastic banding to secure itself and your pens to your notebook, journal or diary cover or spine without needing an adhesive or glue. This also allows Quivers to fit a variety of sizes within each standard size, pocket, large and extra large also known as A6, A5 and B5.