Double Pen Quiver Pen Holders For Large Notebooks A5
Double Pen Quiver Pen Holders For Large Notebooks A5
Double Pen Quiver Pen Holders For Large Notebooks A5
Double Pen Quiver Pen Holders For Large Notebooks A5
Double Pen Quiver Pen Holders For Large Notebooks A5
Double Pen Quiver Pen Holders For Large Notebooks A5
Double Pen Quiver Pen Holders For Large Notebooks A5

Double Pen Quiver Pen Holders For Large Notebooks A5

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The Best Notebook Accessory You'll Ever Own

Quiver Pen Holder for notebooks are handmade from the best possible grade of American cow leather available called full-grain leather and likewise are handstitched together with the best possible grade of thread available called marine-grade thread, designed to simply slide over the front or rear cover of your notebook or tablet case.

With 6 different colors to choose from, you’re certain to find a Quiver suited to your style with ease as the best pen holder available from brown leather with brown stitching, black leather with black stitching, black leather with red stitching, black leather with orange stitching, black leather with green stitching, black leather with blue stitching.

Sizing Guide

You are currently looking at the large sized Quivers for large notebooks that fits notebooks and tablet cases (double pen style only) between 8 - 8.5 inches (20.3 - 21.6 centimeters) tall. Anything outside of these measurements is not compatible and you should check out our other sizes below for the proper Quiver for your notebook.

Measure your notebook before purchase to ensure your Quiver will fit:

  • Pocket Size - Fits notebooks between 5.5 - 6.5 inches (13.7 - 15.24 centimeters) tall
  • Medium Size - Fits notebooks between 6.75 - 7.25 inches (17.15 - 18.42 centimeters) tall
  • Large Size - Fits notebooks and tablet cases (double pen style only) between 8 - 8.5 inches (20.3 - 21.6 centimeters) tall (current choice)
  • Extra Large Size - Fits notebooks and tablet cases (double pen style only) between 9.25 - 10.5 inches (23.5 - 26.7 centimeters) tall

Reusable With No Adhesives Required

Quivers grip your notebook covers using an elastic band, meaning no magnets or glue adhesives are needed. One Quiver can last you hundreds of notebooks and many years of use, simply slide it off one notebook and onto the next.

Being made out of full grain leather, Quivers are meant to stretch naturally over time to fit your notebooks, aging with you. The elastic band will also naturally stretch to better fit your notebook as we specifically design Quivers to be tight at first to ensure a secure grip on the cover of your notebook or tablet case.

While we have designed Quivers to fit most standard sizes, all notebooks have varying lengths and cover widths, so expect some stretching the first time you use your Quiver.

Notebook Brands We Fit

Moleskine notebooks Ink+Volt notebooks AmazonBasic Classic notebook
Amazon Gear Classic notebook Rhodia Webnotebooks Leuchtturm1917 notebooks
Code&Quill notebooks Bullet Journals Blue Sky Planners
Conceptum notebooks Mod notebooks Castelli notebooks
Shinola notebooks Monsieur notebooks Black n' Red notebooks
Markings Ruled Journal notebooks BookFactory Journal Thick Classic notebook
Bindewerk Illustrator Piccadilly notebooks U.S. Government 'Log Book/Memorandum' Green cover NSN: 7530-00-222-3521
SamutNote Palomino notebooks Christian Lacroix Paseo Journal

Quiver shipments can take up to 5 business days to ship for both domestic and international orders.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Janice Numamoto
BEST Notebook Penholder Out There!

The Quiver is the BEST notebook penholder out there. #1 it holds the entire pen - other holders expose the bottom/top of the pen that can allow snagging on something when putting in or taking out of briefcase or backpack in my case. Some of the holders either are of a specific size that only small pens can fit and not larger ones like fountain pens. #2 it is the most stable holder - most others attach with just a clip of some sort that can move when snagged on something. #3 its the best looking one with choices of leather color and choices of trim thread. I got a black with orange thread to go on my Rhodia and it looks like they were made to go together. #4 it is the BEST holder if you're a fountain pen user. Most/many fountain pens are bigger/thicker than regular pens so they don't fit in the 'loops' offered by other holders. The Quiver offers the best protection for my fountain pens - while being great looking at the same time. I should note that since my fountain pens are bigger than regular pens that I got a double Quiver to hold just one of my nice fountain pens. As mentioned above if you have nice fountain pens, the LAST thing you want is for it to constantly get snagged on something and potentially get damaged. If you're a fountain pen user, your fountain pens deserver a Quiver!!

We're so happy to hear you're loving your Quiver. Truly, we appreciate your feedback, as you know we've personally discussed good feedback is hard to come by and all we want to do is ensure we're providing the best experience possible with Quiver.

Thank you again for taking the time to give Quiver a go and provide your in-depth review. I know it will help others make the choice that's right for them and their notebooks!

Simple. Elegant. Works.

I have 4 Quivers in use - 3 A5 and 1 B5. As the title states - simple, elegant, and works. Adds functionality without taking away from the notebook asthetic - it in fact adds to it.
On one of my orders I purchased 2 Quivers and one insert for soft cover notebooks - they included a second soft cover insert in case I forgot to order one for each Quiver. Great customer obsession.

Best B5 and A5 notebook pen holders

Rich colors especially black and brown. Thick, durable,stylish and high quality leather. Highly recommend for high end journals and notebooks.

Been using these for years, decided to triple up

I’ve used my first quiver on a series of Moleskine Large and Leuchtturm A5 notebooks for about 5 years now, and it still works great. Wear and tear is minimal, and the elastic is still strong; there’s no worry about switching to a fresh book when one is filled, even if the books aren’t exactly the same size. I find these so convenient that I now own two double-pen Quivers and one single-pen. I usually have extra pens and pencils clipped onto them as well, so my double-pen Quivers generally end up carrying 3 or 4 tools at once. They’re also nice to give as gifts, along with a nice notebook and pen, to creative folks.

Greg Barrett
Beautifully Crafted and 100% reliable

I've been using my quiver for over a year for my daily notebook. This quiver allows me to keep a pen, highlighter, and 6" ruler easily on had for daily use, and it's upheld beautifully!
I take my notebook with my everywhere, it's been thrown around, tossed into computer bags, traveled around the world, and quiver has been perfect. Plus, I love that I each year when I start a new notebook, I just move it to the new one.

Thank you for the kind words. We've yet to have anyone contact us about their Quiver coming apart from heavy usage, but perhaps you'll be the first. We'd love to see what that wear would look like!