Double Pen Quiver Pen Holders For Medium Notebooks
Double Pen Quiver Pen Holders For Medium Notebooks

Double Pen Quiver Pen Holders For Medium Notebooks

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The Best Notebook Accessory You'll Ever Own

Quiver Pen Holder for notebooks are handmade from the best possible grade of American cow leather available called full-grain leather and likewise are handstitched together with the best possible grade of thread available called marine-grade thread, designed to simply slide over front or rear cover of your notebook.

Sizing Guide

You are currently looking at the medium sized Quiver for medium notebooks that fit notebooks between 6.75 - 7.25 inches (17.15 - 18.42 centimeters) tall. Anything outside of these measurements is not compatible with your medium notebook and you should check out our other sizes below for the proper Quiver for your notebook size.

Measure your notebook before purchase to ensure your Quiver will fit:

  • Pocket Size - Fits notebooks between 5.5 - 6.5 inches (13.7 - 15.24 centimeters) tall
  • Medium Size - Fits notebooks between 6.75 - 7.25 inches (17.15 - 18.42 centimeters) tall (current choice)
  • Large Size - Fits notebooks and tablet cases (double pen style only) between 8 - 8.5 inches (20.3 - 21.6 centimeters) tall
  • Extra Large Size - Fits notebooks and tablet cases (double pen style only) between 9.25 - 10.5 inches (23.5 - 26.7 centimeters) tall

Reusable With No Adhesives Required

Quivers grip your notebook covers using an elastic band, meaning no magnets or glue adhesives are needed. One Quiver can last you hundreds of notebooks and many years of use, simply slide it off one notebook and onto the next.

Being made out of full grain leather, Quivers are meant to stretch naturally over time to fit your notebooks, aging with you. The elastic band will also naturally stretch to better fit your notebook as we specifically design Quivers to be tight at first to ensure a secure grip on the spine or cover of your notebook or tablet case.

While we have designed Quivers to fit most standard sizes, all notebooks have varying lengths and cover widths, so expect some stretching the first time you use your Quiver.

Quiver shipments can take up to 5 business days to ship for both domestic and international orders.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
todd bullock
Amazing! I Use it for Bible study

I use this everyday. It’s my tool belt- my tools are a fine line Sharpie and a liquid Sharpie highlighter to mark up my study Bible. It is amazingly well built and I love it. I cannot recommend this highly enough!

Long term review...

I've been using one of these for about ten years now, and just purchased another to reduce the swapping I was doing. I still like note books as the notes I take can be more flexible (words, diagrams, quick tables, etc). The 10 year (10+ years?) old one has aged perfectly. I actually prefer it more now as the strap is looser and easier to get off and on. The new one looks as well built (I picked up the newer one in the photo just before their site change). I carry a custom fisher space pen and a pentel Kerry mechanical pencil. I generally use moleskine and rite-in-rain notebooks. A nice side feature of the strap is that for the rite-in-rain (which don't have an internal pocket), I can use the strap to hold external papers / notes instead of leaving them loose.
Really just a wonderfully well made tool that ages perfectly. Stop thinking about it and just buy it.

Amazing journey your Quiver(s) have been on! Hearing they've held up for so long is music to our ears. That's what we love about leather products, the longevity they have and that's what we wanted Quivers to demonstrate too. Here's to at least 10 more years of use!

Absolutely the best

I first saw a Quiver on a coworker's notebook. As soon as mine arrived I understood why she was so obsessed with it. I am a very critical person but these are just about perfect. Nothing else I've tried or seen comes close. They hold on to the notebook just right, the pocket is perfectly sized, the leather just gets better over time... I only wish I had a reason to own more than the two I already own.

We're happy to hear you and your coworker are enjoying your Quivers so much and thank you for the review!